We have been lied to

1. Hitler crimes common knowledge?

Until the 60´s it had been maintained that the „Nazis“ made soap from human bones and lampshades from human skin. Even if they had not been deliberate lies but only errors, nevertheless it shows us examples of delusions of the kind that exist only among the psychologically deranged, which have now been absorbed into the supposedly „scientifically proven“ account of history. Whoever denies the so called Holocaust stands to receive a five year jail term. The judges who sentence the unfortunate heretic to time behind bars don´t feel it to be necessary to prove if the Hitler crimes, thus denied, have actually taken place. They are common knowledge or „offenkundig“ in German. But how can we speak of obvious common knowledge after our experiences with the soap and lampshades stories supposedly made from dead bodies?

2. Lies about Dachau

Besides that, there are changes in the accounts of history, which cannot possibly be taken as corrections of previous errors. After the war every concentration camp on German soil had been said to have had a gaschamber. But now they have disappeared and only gaschambers outside the borders of the German Reich still exist to this day, eg. Auschwitz. The most prominent example is Dachau, where people were gassed to death as well, according to witnesses. An American officer at the Nuremberg trial claimed under oath to having witnessed a gassing at the time of the camp´s liberation. As recent as autumn 1965 a large sign at the exit of gaschamber informed the visitor of 40,000 gassing victims. The electrician Martin Fiedler had been sentenced to seven months jail by the court at Dachau, because he had denied the gassing murders at the Dachau concentration camp. Somebody who had seen the sign in 1965 of 40,000 gassing victims got the following information when he phoned the Dachau commemmoration site in the mid nineties: „Yes, it´s true, the gaschamber shown had not been in use at Dachau but it had already been built by the National Socialists during the war“. Why have we not been told of this wondrous change by the „quality newsmakers“ before this telephone call? Different to the soap from human bones and the lampshades from human skin story the 40,000 gassing victims cannot possibly have been an unfortunate error. The truth is, the Dachau gaschamber has been built after the war by German POWs by order of the victorious American commanders. In regard to the National Socialists (Nazis) there are untold many lies abounding that cry to high heaven. The lies, once uncovered are not publically withdrawn, no, they simply disappear from the telling. If there were not any „Holocaust deniers“ people would still believe that the murder victims were being made into soap and lampshades.

In the case of Dachau too they try to keep as many lies alive as possible. Today it is written on the gaschamber: „Gaschamber. This is the centre of the possible massmurder.“ In this perfidious manner schoolchildren gain the idea that people have indeed been gassed there. Yet on the other hand the public brainwashers may insist that they don´t really say this at all. The obvious intention is that only those strongholds of lies are cleared that cannot possibly be maintained any longer. The lie that the Nazis built the gaschamber gives former declarations of gassings solely the appearance in the vicinity of an error. Here we have the reports of „historians“ from corrupted media circles who lied about supposed gassings that clash with genuine accounts from actual eye witnesses. A man by the name of August Schmidt (spelling unknwown) told my father that he witnessed the building of the gaschamber and hordes of American soldiers flocked to see this site of horror. Of course August Schmidt was not the only witness. Helmut Guettich writes in a correspondence which I have in my possession in digital form on 3rd May 1985: „Furthermore I learned that the gaschamber, on which formerly the exact number of Tens of Thousands of gassed inmates was displayed have only been built by captured soldiers from the Waffen SS after the camp changed hands to the Americans. The Crematorium too was only planned and erected long after the US military government took over. Helmut Guettich pointed out that the father of a schoolchild had told the teachers´ academy in Dillingen on 16. 4. 84, that the time of building the gaschamber was after the war and he named witnesses who were forced to take part in the building. The Jesuit padre Dehne, who was an inmate at the Dachau concentration camp from 1943-1945 denied that gassings took place at Dachau. The SS guards including the physicians and nurses had all been shot at the take-over of the camp and could not contradict the lie of the gaschamber. If they would have had a bad conscience they certainly would not have waited for the American take-over of the concentration camp but rather would have fled and disappeared. Even though there had been many people who had knowledge of the gaschamber swindle at Dachau the lying media had not followed up any of the leads.

3. suppressed informations

That the news reports of the lying media are always selected for their usefulness to further the intended brainwashing or to silence truth are shown by the following example: The British historian David Irving spoke about the origin of the gassing lie at a well attended Media conference of his publishing house on 23. June 1989. In regard to this swindle he had found much material in British archives. According to this, the British government attempted in 1943 to hold the Germans responsible for the murder of 4,500 Polish officers at Katyn once the murders became public knowledge, but decided against it seeing it became too intenable. Instead the department of psychological warfare (PWE) set out to create an even bigger but more believable propaganda lie. There have been talks between Roosevelt and Stalin for its simultaneous publication. In August 1943 the chief of the PWE informed the British Cabinet in a secret letter, that not the least evidence of gaschambers existed. For the duration of the war, accusations of the gaschamber lies were not published because, according to Irving, at the time it would have been easily refuted by the German government. As was to be expected the lying media never reported about this media conference nor were the contents ever mentioned. David Irving, who speaks fluent German no doubt could answer many more questions about his findings in the British archives. But he is not even allowed to enter Germany. By contrast the famous Holocaust Guru and supposed Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel (born 1928) received the Peace Nobel prize in 1986 for his phantastic lies that prisoners were thrown alive into burning ditches. Nevertheless he neglected to speak of gaschambers. Something else that did not make the news was a (secret) letter dated 19.2.1944 directed at all higher public servants and shapers of public opinions in Great Britain, which was published already in 1958. In this letter fears were expressed that the barbaric behaviour of the Soviet Army experienced in Finland, the Baltic states and Besarabia would lead to the worst war crimes if allowed to overrun Central Europe and that this would have an adverse effect on the public opinion of the Western world. The only alternative to hushing up the Soviet horror (it was felt) was to direct the public´s attention to a totally new topic. Obviously this has happened and the whole world was deeply shocked about the gaschambers that reportedly had existed in every German concentration camp.

In the concentration camps were many criminals and these „eyewitnesses“ lied to their heart´s contend. But not all inmates did lie. The already mentioned Jesuit padre Dehne, prisoner at the KZ Dachau from 1943-1945 denied that gassings had taken place. Once again the readers of the newspapers never found out. A lie, repeated many times is taken to be the truth by simple minds. Since even public prosecutors and judges took the propaganda reports of the lying media as established and „offenkundig“ facts the sentence of 7 months in jail was handed down to the previously mentioned Martin Fiedler, without bothering to prove the „denied“ gaschamber murders. Whoever among the historians swims against the stream has no hope for a professional career. For this reason Professor Robert Faurisson in France has been excluded from his teaching faculty. Evidence suggests that the official historical picture has been approved as established and „scientifically secured“ upon which judges build their sentences when they send „Holocaust deniers“ to jail for up to five years.

Even when in detail we often hear differently the gaschamber murders as such are immutable. Whoever denies these murders is either in jail or afraid of ending up there. Even when someone is convinced that his own heresy is true he must go behind bars for five years. On the other hand it is not known that any false witness of these supposed gassings in the territory of the German Reich, has ever been sentenced, even when perjury is a punishable offence. What we see is this: Here is an endeavour not to establish truth but propaganda, by the means of which widows, parents, and the comrades of the dead Allied soldiers are to gain the idea that they fought a „just war“ for the noble deed of the liberation of mankind from the barbarism of Hitler for which they sacrificed their lives. It is solely due to this propaganda that the theft of land by the Zionists in the Middle East is considered justified and with it the never ending indulgence payments to the state of Israel for the sins of our fathers and grandfathers and the degrading of our politicians as puppets of the Zionist lobby are thereby secured.

4. Auschwitz

The strongholds of lies have been cleared to some extend and some „boundary straightening“ maneuvres have taken place according to the present day view of history and -alas – nobody died in the concentration camps of the territory of the German Reich after all, so now there still remains Auschwitz. But even about Auschwitz history has been changed. It is difficult to imagine that solely former errors have been corrected. In 1993 a memorial tablet has been replaced, indicating that only one Million people had been murdered instead of 4 Million, as previously stated. But the sum of 6 Million has not been altered in the general historical writing. This leads us to the still unanswered question where the remaining three Million could have possibly been killed. Just like eyewitnesses at Dachau maintained that some things about the gaschamber murders don´t add up, in the same way there is one witness account of Auschwitz which we ought to pay attention to. One American and one Swiss heritical newspaper reported that Dr. theol. Robert Dollinger from Bubenreuth near Erlangen indicated that his brother lived at Auschwitz during the war and was not aware of the huge amounts of gassings. His brother was of strong Christian beliefs and there is no way that he would have lied. Dr. Dollinger consequently was attested by physicians to be feeble minded and the lying media kept silent about his statements. Even with „only“ one Million gassing victims it still amounts to 1000 per day that needed to be cremated, which would have required a huge amount of coal (100kg per body) at a time when coal was scarce. Again an explanation is needed how an undertaking of such large proportions could have been unnoticed by the inhabitants of Auschwitz and undocumented by the aerial photos from enemy spy planes.

The lying media did not inform the public either about the Jewish Historian Olga Wormser-Migot, who wrote her doctor´s thesis about the system of Nazi concentration camps of 1933-1945 who not only doubted the eyewitness reports but declared categorically that the concentration camp in Auschwitz had been „without gaschamber“

5. a falsification of a gaschamber

Not only in Dachau but also in Auschwitz the official historical account had to be changed. One could visit the „original gaschamber“. But then came Fred Leuchter from America and secretly broke some stones out of the gaschamber wall, which showed no significantly high readings of Ironzyanid. The results of this research has been documented in the Leuchter-Report and sent to all newspaper editors. Naturally the lying media never reported anything about it. The former „original gaschamber“ was now relegated to be a „reconstruction“. Why did Fred Leuchter not know this before? For this he would not have travelled from America!

Just like they want to hush up the facts at Dachau and the public is purposely being lied to in the same way this „original gaschamber“ at Auschwitz is being made into a less obvious half truth, which is pretty much bordering on the verge of a deliberate deception: The rooms had only been used for a short time until the gaschamber at Birkenau was operational.

Since the delousing agent Zyclon-B is supposedly more deadly to humans than to lice the poison gas has had a lower dosage, which explains why there is only little residue. Afterwards the gaschamber had been use a storageroom and later it was built into a bunker. After the war the original gaschamber was reconstructed but in a shoddy fashion. An original gaschamber is a piece of evidence, which a reconstruction is not, rather it must be seen as a criminal falsification of evidence. A real gaschamber as evidence is all the more important since supporting documents are missing and eyewitnesses have been accused of having lied. The power of evidence of a confession gained through torture (eg. the Auschwitz camp commander Hoess) is highly questionable.

6. picture of history

The intention of the content of this flyer is not to speak of a terrible past as such but rather to speak of the historical records of the terrible past. For all scientific thinking it is crucial to establish the facts and feel accountability toward the source of your knowledge. Only after this can questions be answered and followed through. Ideologists go the opposite way. They have a message eg. that Hitler was Satan incarnate, while his enemies, including Stalin, were simply ordinary human sinners. Accordingly they select facts, bend them to suit, keep silent or invent facts (eg. gaschambers in all concentration camps in the territory of the German Reich) as they are required. Yet whoever applies the scientific method of establishing categories of immutable facts will find the unpalatable evidence that we have been deliberately lied to. From this realistic fact the clearthinking person can only deduct: „He who lied once cannot be trusted“. This explains why some people believe that there has been no Shoah (Holocaust) at all in the Hitler time. Of course you never hear this opinion uttered openly because those who have this view are either in jail or they try hard to stay out of it.

Most of the Holocaust-deniers are admirers of Hitler who simply disclose the lies of the victors but are silent about the crimes of the Nazis. But where they are right, they are right indeed. Goebbels was the first one who accused the Soviets of the murders of the Polish officers at Katyn. Nevertheless the accusation by this „master of deceit“ is in keeping with the present day picture of history. In the same way as Goebbels was correct in this instance so have the „Holocaust-deniers“ too made valuable contributions to correct historical reporting. For without „Holocaust deniers“ we would still view a gaschamber in every German concentration camp as well as lampshades fashioned from human skin at the concentration camp Buchenwald.

„Holocaust deniers“ maintain too that the memoirs of the three statesmen Eisenhower, Churchill and de Gaule, containing detailed reports of the events of WW2 in over 7,000 pages do not mention a word of any Holocaust, this very Holocaust which is regarded as the crucial incident of the 20th century. „Holocaust deniers“ point to the fact that memoirs are written, as it were, for eternity while wartime propaganda has a far shorter lifespan. Could it be that the three Statesmen regarded the Holocaust simply as wartime propaganda? We shall not evaluate this premise right now. Yet scientific research demands to register the facts, independent of whom they benefit or on whom they inflict damage. It leaves us still with the task to investigate into the surprising fact that the three Statesmen in their memoirs had nothing to say about the Holocaust.

In the light of Hitler´s Holocaust the crimes of the Allied victors take on an aspect of mere collateral damage and consequently untold many tribute payments have been squeezed (from Germany) by the crime- and torture state of Israel, that had terrorists as its founders. While other genocides can be denied without any punishment the Holocaust religion is protected by the §130 StGB from heresy, silencing opposition. Actually according to the German law only the denial of facts is punishable. Because of the insisted upon „common knowledge“ (Offenkundigkeit) judges don´t find it necessary to actually provide any facts in regards to Hitler´s supposed genocide. By reason of their immense stupidity or because of their great criminal energy they take a picture of history that originates from the cesspool of lies to be „common knowledge“. Simple folk with sound common sense know: „He who lies once, cannot be trusted!“ But simple thoughtpatterns like this seem to be too strenuous for the highly studied deadbeats and twisters of law. Besides they can trust that their picture of history is now „scientifically secured“. When we have „scientists“ who do not even get the idea to actually check if lampshades are really made from human skin it proves that „scientists“ are equally as ignorant and lacking in character as public prosecutors and judges. Their jurisdiction of making decisions based upon the utter confusion of scientific incompetence are sending people to jail who are mentally far superior to these ignoramuses or criminals, as was the case with Nazis and Communists. Yet liars who have been unmasked, like the already mentioned Elie Wiesel are still at liberty, even though perjury is a crime that carries a jail sentence of no less than one year. Regardless of what the despicable clan of professors and judges have „scientifically established“ we have to let the facts be our guide. And the one concrete and unshakable fact, that cannot we cannot cry loud enough into the world abroad, is:

We have been lied to!

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